Research Papers

1. Yu, Jiayi Joey, Christopher S. Tang, and Zuo-Jun Max Shen. "Improving Consumer Welfare and Manufacturer Profit via Government Subsidy Programs: Subsidizing Consumers or Manufacturers?." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 20.4 (2018): 752-766.

2. Yu, Jiayi Joey, Christopher S. Tang, Zuo-Jun Max Shen, Xiqun (Michael) Chen. "A Balancing Act of Regulating On-demand Ride Services." Management Science 66.7 (2020): 2975-2992.

    • Finalist, INFORMS IBM Service Science Section Best Student Paper Competition, 2018

    • Honorable Mention, POMS-HK Best Student Paper Award, 2018

    • 2nd Place, ISCOM Best Paper Award, 2019

3. Yu, Jiayi Joey, Christopher S. Tang, ManMohan S Sodhi, James Knuckles. "Optimal Subsidies for Development Supply Chains." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (2020).

4. Park, Sungho, Elliot Rabinovich, Christopher S. Tang, Rui Yin, and Jiayi Joey Yu. "Technical Note: Should an Online Seller Post Inventory Scarcity Messages? " Decision Sciences (2019).

5. Li, Musen Kingsley, Jiayi Joey Yu, Liang Ma, Wei Zhang . "Modeling and Mitigating Fatigue-Related Accident Risk of Taxi Drivers." Accident Analysis & Prevention 123 (2019): 79-87.

Working Papers

1. Coordinating Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation between the Government and Automakers. (Submitted.)

2. Can More Data Reduce Bullwhip Effect? (Work in Progress.)

3. Consumer Cooperatives and Retail Competition. (Work in Progress.)